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8 Signs that you are spreading yourself too thinly!

Do you spread yourself too thinly? Yes, me too! Something I am very guilty of is saying ‘yes’ without thought or consideration for my time or the effort it will take. It is not just that I am a ‘pleaser’, it is the fact that I have an undeniable conviction that I am invincible.  I […] Read more…

Monthly Goal setting

February – A New Month, New Opportunities…

Welcome to February, the month of love. Lets make it the month of self-love! Use the blank pages to write down your goals for the month, by committing it to paper you are cementing it into your mind as a promise rather than a wish! Go gorgeous, you can do it! What goals will you […] Read more…

5 blogging tips that really work

5 Simple Blogging Tips

  Let’s be honest, if you spend the time writing a blog then you really want to get people reading it. You spend hours writing creative content, reading other blogs, and thinking up new ways to engage your audience. These tips are short and designed to help you get more out of your blogging, and […] Read more…

How to handle fear and get things done, Seth Godin style!

How to handle fear and get things done, Seth Godin style!

If you have never read Seth Godin’s Blog, you must! I find his writings amazing, insightful and truly inspirational. Today he talks about how we allow our fears to cripple our actions and urges us to look at what the worse case scenarios are. What really is the worst that can happen when putting your […] Read more…

Raise Money Quickly

How To Raise Cash To Start A Small Business ~ Part 5

Welcome to the final installment of ‘HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITH LITTLE OR NO MONEY! I really hope it has been useful to you. Today we will look at ways to raise cash to help you get started. We are not talking thousands, as we are concentrating on low cost business start ups. Neither are […] Read more…

How to cope with Mind Monkeys - Soothe and calm your fears!

How to cope with Mind Monkeys – soothe and calm your fears!

So, you start feeling good about your business; hopeful, dare I say it, confident! So far so good! And just when you think you’ve got it the ‘mind monkeys’ start bouncing around your head, rolling about poking and questioning at what only a few minutes ago a great feeling! You begin to feel useless, a […] Read more…

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